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Question about ownership of DS and DST

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Well Im trying to create my own character yet everyone is telling me I cant because I dont own DS. I do own DST though.

Is this true that I cant without DS?

If this is true how or where can I get required files without having to buy DS. I got DST as a gift. 

I would really like to make my own character Sam Winchester. I already have several things done like my models for him ect. I won't share anything until Im done with it so I cant have it get stolen by someone else.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that DS and DST are standalone games. Having access to the original DS game will likely be helpful in modding, but not necessary. Right now, DS and DST are bundled together in the frontier pack, but DST is it's own game (as opposed to being an expansion like Reign of Giants).

For more information, I recommend reading this thread:


Happy Modding!

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@SamWinchester, I hope the people telling you that you couldn't were just operating on outdated information-- there was a problem a while back where the Mod Tools (under the Library > Tools section in Steam) were not available to people who were gifted DST, but I believe that was fixed a month or so ago.

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That's pretty much false information, me and my friends have 3 custom character mods on the WS and we all only have DST. The only thing you need the game for is auto-compiling and as mentioned above, the tools. 

The only reason I want plain 'Dont Starve' is for RoG  :spidercowers:

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