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Wendy/Abigail Suggestions

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I'm a long-time Wendy player and I've loved playing as her since she became a character.


I just want to make a handful of suggestions that I think would be great for her character.


Abigail's Flower:

Can not be destroyed, moved, or picked up by anyone other than Wendy (specifically the Wendy who dropped it). When in the final stage and Abigail is ready to be summoned, it should exude a protective aura that gives every item around it the same properties.


When Wendy loses Abigail's flower while Abigail is not summoned, it will still go through the stages of "evolution" and at its final stage will be able to hover and move towards Wendy if she is more than a screen away from her.


Summoning Abigail should not "consume" the flower. Abigail will follow Wendy as long as the flower is in her inventory, but if she chooses to drop the flower then Abigail will instead "follow" the flower in her usual ways, roaming about and attacking any hostile creature that gets too close to the flower. This would be incredibly useful for a Wendy player that needs to collect Reeds but doesn't want to sacrifice Abigail to a tentacle in order to do it. As an offset, after a set number of days the flower (and Abigail) should start wandering towards Wendy again because she longs for her sister.


Abigail should produce a soothing sanity-increasing aura to Wendy (see below)


It should not be a craftable item. It's a memento, a keepsake. It's not a simple lighter or something you can fabricate, it is its own object that has the ability to channel and summon Abigail.



Instead of taking a one-time hit to her sanity, summoning Abigail should drop her maximum sanity much like crafting a Meat Effigy would.


Remove Wendy's static sanity drain buff when in the dark or near monsters should be removed in favor of the above option, Abigail providing a soothing sanity restoring aura.


Wendy should have a certain percentage chance of producing a friendly ghost when digging graves (once per grave). The insanity aura it produces, however, should still affect her as normal, and it should still be able to harm her if she crosses paths with it.


any feedback?


Am I asking for too much?

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No... but I think the flower-following-tentacle-avoidance thing is kinda... too convenient... 


Abigail needs to realize it's absolute double suicide to attack a tentacle, and it's pointless since it's not one I intend to take on in the first place.

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I would like if you didn't need to keep dropping/consuming the flower. This solves part of the issue of it getting lost/stolen when Abigail dies, meaning it has no reason to despawn when dropped.

Being able to "park" Abigail like Chester could be good, too. I main Wendy and it's annoying to have her keep trying to maim things I don't want her to. Abigail deciding to suicide herself on a neutral treeguard 1 day before hounds arrive in the middle of winter is just.. well, it feels occasionally unfair.

The game is about preparation, and I was prepared perfectly fine. Then, someone else decides to randomly generate a treeguard, which I correctly respond to by not pissing it off, and Abigail decides on her own to kill herself, it just seems sort of.. Yeah, I guess unfair, compared to other mechanics.

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I forgot to mention in my first post:

I think Abigail's Flower should be reverted back to a non-craftable item but should require something other than sanity to summon her... the use of the all mysterious substance namely "Nightmare fuel" should be used to summon Abigail... much like Maxwell's Codex Umbra needs nightmare fuel to construct shadow clones of Maxwell...




Abigail's flower be returned to a personal item that cannot be crafted (as it is a memento) and now will require Nightmare fuel... how does that sound?



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Not unless Wendy also starts with Nightmare Fuel for the first few summonings (at least 2). In the other thread I already rambled on about why Wendy's perks are most relevant very early in the game, so I don't agree with gating Abigail off until you can farm NF.

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My thoughts on the topic after reading and stealing other's ideas :D

  • I think the flower and Abigail should be like Chester and eye bone so you can park your ghost.
  • Also i think the flower should evolve over 3 days so that you can't overuse Abigail.
  • The summoning should give +25 sanity to Wendy (this action fits her crazy personality + she likes her sister)
  • Only at night can Abigail's aura greatly restore Wendy's sanity and at dusk it can slightly increase it (nothing for day)
  • Wend'y sanity is constantly dropping without her sister being around,
  • Wendy should have a strong mind (0.75x sanity loss from monsters/darkness).
  • Wendy is still weaker than others (0.75x)
  • When Abigail dies, Wendy loses 50 sanity and the flower has to evolve through the full 3 [8 minute] days again.
  • The ritual should consume one nightmare fuel (from inv/bag) and one killing (or murder in inv.) at dusk or night
  • Wendy starts with 1 nightmare fuel and one trap 
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How do you even get nightmare fuel on a dedicated server? Since dark petals are gone most of the time (if its an old server) the only way I know is killing crawling horrors.

How many hits does it take to kill a crawling horror with Wendy using a spear? Eleven? Twelve?

And to kill a terrorbeak? twenty?


You guys are all crazy... what this actually means is if you die early in some nasty place and you cant get the flower back you wont be able to user her for a long time, and when you get her back its too late for her to even be relevant. If I ever lost the flower early on I'd rather restart on another server.

But this is just my opinion...

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@Purrfectlion, I suggested the Nightmare Fuel need because of magic-logic... say you do have a memento from your sister, that doesn't seem enough to give a spirit a semi-corporeal form so, you sacrifice a living being to give it's life essence to the spirit and the nightmare fuel well... it is one of the most magical items in the game.


Now, as for the problem of acquiring the NF, since the RoG content is coming (hopefully sooner), the spring event along with the full moon event would provide players with ample supplies of nightmare fuel...


probably make evil flower ==> nightmare fuel conversion recipe already learned for Wendy... but this is just a suggestion... as the way things are, it is a bit of a long shot...

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I ddin't get, what is protective aura.

I didn't get, why decrease max. sanity, but then remove monster penalty and give sanity buff from Abigail. What's a point? Wendi isn't insane (200 max. sanity tho), and she is a little girl.

Why you need "parkable" Abigail if you can has smart Abigail with switchable passive/defencive/aggresive mode?

Only one ghost is friendly towards Wendi. And only because she is possessed by this ghost. Why another ghosts should be friendly to her?

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