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Anti-griefing idea

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What if we could mark some structures as valuable, and then a griefer couldn't hammer it without a penalty ? For example I craft a science machine and then with some kind of mark mechanic, the more people mark it the more it becomes difficult/impossible to destroy ? The griefer could be instantly killed, kicked, slowed, freezed, blown away, I don't know. I think this would encourage cooperation even more. Or, an item could be crafted to mark structures.

Maybe we could see if a structure is marked by hovering mouse and we could read "examine science machine" in another color, if the devs don't want to change the designs.

What do you think ?


This is my first topic I hope it's the right place and sorry about my poor english.

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Or, an item could be crafted to mark structures.


What about "Magic Marker"


*Requires Tier 2 Magic structure to craft



  • Nightmare Fuel X8
  • Twigs X2 OR Living log X1
  • Charcoal X2 OR Purple Gem X2

Mechanic: marks an object and when tampered with by other players, inflicts a random event on them (i.e. freeze, fire, kicked...)

Uses: 2

"Mark your territory... and blow people up"


OK, so from what you said, it has the chance to be...

instantly killed, kicked, slowed, freezed, blown away


So this should be an item that shouldn't be readily and easily crafted... it's got very destructive potential so making the recipe costly should be logical... kinda...


So, what do you think?


I think this would make an interesting mod, but it would be a bit of a challenge to implement. you'll do it? :3 (but I guess you have grad school so...) kukukukukuku O__O 

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Thanks for making the brainstorming pleasant. So, if the item is too hard to craft, griefers will have time to hammer and burn structures, if it's too easy they'll be able to mark hay walls all over a base. If I try to think inside the griefer's box, I see that there is a huge gap between destructing and creating to annoy others. I've seen a lot of griefers in 300 hours of game, there's almost always one on dedicated servers, and I've seen only one guy who planted three lureplants in our base, or maybe this guy. Anyway rest of the time it's always brainless hammering and burning, so I wouldn't mind if the item is easy or not too hard to make. 


But above all, I'd like to say how much a single item cannot beat the solidarity of several people who want to survive together, each one bringing his mark to a structure, I find it so powerful and beautiful that I'd opt for that solution without hesitating. Besides everyone is equal with this solution, while the magic marker's holder suddenly has more power over the others. I'd understand though if it's easier for the modders or devs to code the item.

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I did give it a long thought and I feel the following could be done to stop griefing::

Players dont take damage by plair induced fire.

Player made items, for servers be made non-fire catching like the stone walls. This would include all walls, farms, beeboxes, pig houses.

Trees when burnt should yield pinecones with charcoals,non-burning pinecones be made an option for the server. Either that, or new trees should spawn along forest edges.

Only admins have hammer.

An option be made to make the non renewable resouces as renewable by player action. I.E planting rocks and gold for boulders , planting rabbits for rabbit holes. This may make the game bit easier, I admit, but this would stop them breaking the game, and would give them a demotivator.

Servers should also have option to autokick players on destruction of x+ trees/ other resources(x being definable at admin) in a single day, and always revert the changes made by kicked players.

Present nerf to willow is useless, since she can still light the fire, she can still walk out of a forest fire alive, and any one can make a torch and do the same as wilson too. That nerf should be reverted and these suggestions can be tried as an optional update for the servers. Most features would be a-la-carte for server hosts. Willows lighter should be an infinite light source , in my opinion, but not a weapon of destruction. These modifications would render that almost useless as griefing tool, while retaining the usefulness. Most importantly it would stop most other griefing methods.

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Ban and rollbacks are perfect on hosted servers, I forgot to mention I was speaking about dedicated servers.


@indianninja, there's a new fire spreading mechanic on DST RoG, smoldering allows players to put out fires quite easily, and we have flingos.


The remaining problem is hammering. After some reflection I'd opt for an easy to craft item so several players could use it to protect structures, even if we could also craft only one item and pass it to trust worthy people so they can add their mark.

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