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I bought dont starve together and i get free copy

and I gave to my friend but he does not have a dont starve

when the beta ends dont starve together beta will delete and he wants to but it ?

or is supposed to buy dont strave from now?

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The only setback @Omry, is talking about is that if you don't own RoG, you are limited to the Vanilla DS world options, and the choices of Wigfrid and Webber when choosing a character.

and even THAT might not be true when everything is said and done.

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@Omry, There will be no major restrictions. Seth (one of the developers) said in the last Fireside Chat that they would add a small little something for people who have RoG, which will probably just be like a skin for Webber/Wigfrid or something. But otherwise if you just have DST you will be able to use everything that people with DS + RoG + DST can use.

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