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I love don't starve it's such a great game. I just got the game and first played it on chrome, then i decided to just get it on steam so I did. I didn't even finish day one on chrome. I downloaded it from steam and played it until around day 43, when one time I tried to launch it and a steam window came up and asked me to choose between two options. I chose the first one which said something along the lines of download from cloud or something. Then it launched I was happy and then I clicked play -> continue and BAM DAY 1 where I left off on chrome :( Please anyone if there's a way to get my files back please tell me!

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Nope doesn't seem so.In most cases it's lost but sometimes you can get it back but that requires lot s and lots of complicated stuff :3.Anyways,yes you will retain all that you have researched and your current amount of research points.In future updates the research system will be changed and it will reset your research.As of now,your research is safe.

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Sounds like you were attacked by the Steam Cloud monster. This beast ate Torchlight 2 progress back when TL2 launched.

The safest thing to do is to turn off Steam Cloud synchronization. To do this, right click Don't Starve on your steam game list, go down to properties, click the Updates tab, and uncheck the checkbox.

Sadly there is no way to recover lost deta due to this bug, but it can be prevented. Also, if you have it on, unless you are on another computer, or have made progress on another computer, click the option to upload your computer's info to the cloud.

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