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New game from 0?


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He said: i must delete all in the folder "userdata > [your usernumber] > 219740 " But there isnt this folder, the files from Dont starve is in "userdata > common" but there isnt any "219740" :S

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Are you sure you're looking in the right place? The save files are not in the same place as the folder with the game binaries and game data.

On my computer the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[iD]\219740

In this folder is a 'remote' folder and 'remotecache.vdf'. Delete everything in the 219740 folder. You may need to turn off steam cloud synchronization first, then launch the game, as missing files (your current save) will be downloaded by steam. Cloud sync can be turned on again after your new profile has been created.

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Right click on Don't Starve in Steam and make it create a desktop shortcut. Right click on that shortcut and go to properties. The URL should say something like steam://rungameid/219740. Whatever that bunch of numbers is after rungameid, that's the name of the folder you need to look for in steam/userdata/(ID number)/.

After you delete that folder, I believe you'll need to turn off Steam cloud before you start the game back up to completely erase your progress. Once you've made a new save, you should be able to safely turn Steam cloud back on.

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