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Client can't craft some custom items - bug still?

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I still am experiencing this bug "client can't craft some custom items". He would do the crafting animation and nothing happens, or he would straight not do anything.

I already added "priority = 0.00###" (where ### is the mod number in steam workshop).

Note that host can craft all fine.

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@Kzisor, But setting priority like that should ensure that it loads in the same order on the client and the host, right? It should load after all other mods that don't specify priority, so those sortkeys might be mangled, but this one should be right, I think.


@SenL, And the recipes are in the modmain? The other reason why sortkeys could get messed up would be if it's loading the recipe under specific conditions (e.g. when a character prefab is first created).

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Yes the recipes are in modmain and priority is in modinfo. No recipe in character prefab.


Here's one:

local recipes = 
for k,v in pairs(recipes) do
  v.tagneeded = false
  v.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/" .. v.name .. ".xml"
Not sure if tagneeded is needed or not.
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@rezecib, there is one thing I've learned about programming through the years; what should happen and what does happen is two very different things. While yes it should happen like that, that doesn't mean it does happen like that. Setting the sort key ensures it to always work.

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