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Salem is infamous for it's Itch Burning

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So the Story Begins after I chose the server with the most People, Wilderness, PvP on, Not for griefing, I just like the chance of enemies and back stabbers. I chose a modded server, 18 out of 30 people but no other changes than the player count. I chose Wickerbottom, Pretty basic experience, Harvested dry by other players, abandoned bases all around, I even came around by the end of winter. Had to slap pine cones into an already established bon fire next to two pig houses to survive for a day. Took a wormhole to a Savannah and started picking seeds, grass, and the like 9 twigs. Died a lot, Survived as a loner for a few days, Crashed at some people's places,  and made a few partnerships. But I'd always end up with different people three days later. One of the people I survived with was a Wolfgang in a football helmet who didn't seem to have known that Powerhouse Hunger Mode as Wolfgang drains your stomach quickly and was always full or wimpy, We'll Call him Smokey, he lived with a Wickerbottom in a bush hat, We'll call her Velcro you need to know them for later.

I was Wendy here, also alone. I was near a Tallfort ( Friggin' Tallbird Convention in an empty Rock District) And I was stealing some eggs. It took me two days to get four eggs. I sorta kited, sorta not, and outran the Tallbirds by using the roads but I haven't played in a while so I got hit quite a bit. I camped the first night but was done by the second so I started to hike back, OK not BACK, I had nowhere to go, just not there. I sat by another abounded base, a Whole bunch of rock walls that formed a little house with a back and front exit, though no floor, it had a bon fire, so it didn't matter. I set down my three eggs and cooked the fourth. I only wanted three Tallbirds, as the whole rason I did this was because of some fan art I saw of Wes being the father of three tailbirds. A WX-17 guy, no idea what his name was, but It either started with a C or  had Deli in it, came along, I threatened him to back off, I had no weapon so this was an empty threat, then I made him promise not to take my eggs. I wish I hadn't done that, he didn't take them, I just think I was being too bossy in hindsight. I ventured with him to this ol' base. it wasn't his but he stayed there for a while. I camped out here a bunch, it had a crockpot and two L shaped stone that were near the ocean so there would have only been one entrance if it didn't have one wall off to complete the structure, it also had a crockpot four improved farms, a science machine, a chest, and a bon fire. We stayed there for a day but he left during dawn, I was still using the farm plots to cook up some veggies. I even had some frog legs and monster meat. I didn't know it was my ex-land lord at the time, but Velcro came up starving, all I had to do was see her character say involuntarily that "Librarian need food" and I offered her the Three Frog Legs and Monster Meat meal in the pot that was in preparation during our conversation. I didn't 


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I didn't know what was going to come out of the crockpot, I'm sure it wasn't monster lasagna so I guess it's fine. We had a small conversation about my eggs and why I want three of them. A Willow walked up to our base with a lighter, I started typing chat, Offering her some berries and an invitation to stay the night as well as half expecting her to be the poor sod to be chased by the hounds. Willow Shaming Wednesday because the Gal's name was Salem, she ran up to my base and took my tail bird egg, and would have taken my other two as well if she hadn't taken priority over a stack of Pine cones by the fire. Velcro and I started circling around the campfire trying to catch her but it was still night time and I guess Salem wanted the safety of the bon fire. Of course Salem darted when sun rise hit, Velcro and I darted after him in an attempt to reclaim my egg. He picked up stuff as we chased him but he was smart enough to have a delay in between and not to pick stuff like grass tuffs or twigs in fear of the picking thing. We followed him on brick roads as I assume Salem believes we didn't know about the road walking speed thing. I got closed to her a few times but I only had an ax which I made and a hammer which I picked off a naturally occurring skeleton and the fact that I didn't know about the whole Press A to attack players thing. We walked past two Wilsons on the road, I had to explain the situation to both of them of the situation. This server seems to be pretty cool as both of the Wilsons joined in. I had to give Velcro one of my eggs in order for her to survive, so I ended up with only one egg and a chance of reclaiming another egg.  then Night came, We started a small campfire to eat food, Salem was only a few feet away from the fire, Far enough so that the grue might attack us but not far enough for the fire to reach. I think he may have eaten the egg during this time but I don't know. We chased him for another morning but during mid day, I gave Velcro my final egg, a minute I stopped, Velcro took the words right out of my Mouth " We should stop". We gave up our Itch Hunt, also there a B in this sentence. I asked Velcro to kill me, I'm done with Salem for one day. I offered Velcro and the two Wilsons to take my stuff after my death. In hindsight I should have burnt, Velcro could have used that spear. I respawned again and had a "chat" with Salem and thanking just about everyone else for the good times.

I have another story on that Same Server, One involving Smoky, Salem, A Paranoid yet trusting Wilson named Ral808, and Ral's friend who lived with a Huge Group of Survivors on the other side of the map named either Sorcerer or Sorceress, I don't remember so I'll just call him Sorc. 

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