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Looking For A Mod?

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Hey sorry if this isn't where to post this (it seemed like the best place really).


It's a mod that allows you to see fellow players on the map no matter where they are or how far away they are. If this isn't the place for this post just lemme know and I'll gladly take it down (or a mod can do it if they feel like it too).


Please and thank you in advance<3

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Isn't that what the "Global Players" mod or how it was called does?






@SleepingSiren24@Michi01,@acemurdock, There's also Global Positions, which has global player icons, global player indicators, signal fires, and rudimentary map sharing.



yooo I love the signal fires. I'm putting this on my wilderness dedicated server asap. 

Thanks for all the help guys! Found what I was looking for:)

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