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66800 update

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I noticed that there is a new version of the game, but no notes. As far as I can tell it is an updated map generation thingy? My last map has only one small bridge, and all the islands are overlapping eachother. A very nice update indeed :) The landscapes merge in a very pleasing way, and you dont have to take those long walks across endless bridges.Altough, my map was built vertically. and got so long so that the wave animations dissapeared at the bottom, and only darkness remained under my island.But I somehow like the idea of bridges, maybe you could have one bridge, hard to find, or locked? That leads to another island with specific features?

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  • Developer

We've been pushing updates quietly to try to track down the crash bugs some people have been having. There are no no gameplay features in them - those are coming next week.The map generation is very random, so every time you play you'll get different styles of map! :)

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