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This may sound rather stupid, but where's the settings.ini file exactly?


The wiki says ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/settings.ini for Linux, but I can't find no file under that name in that folder. All I got are save folder and a log.txt file..


The screen -S "DST Server" ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer executes just fine with no error whatsoever.. What am I missing?


Edit: I left the screen active for a while and noticed this:

[200] Account Failed (6): ""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Server Will Not Start !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you wish to run your server without authenticationOr if you wish to use your server for a LAN gameYou must run it in 'lan mode'. In settings.ini add:[account]server_lan_mode = trueOr add the command line argument -lanTo generate a server_token from a game client, open consoleopen consle with the tilda key (~)Type: TheNet:GenerateServerToken()


I must edit a settings file but if there isn't any should I make one or what? Mind shading some light on this? Thanks.

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I created the settings.ini in ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/ and so far got the following in it:

[network]default_server_name = Cez's Test Serverdefault_server_description = Testing dedicated server...server_port = 10999server_password = passwordmax_players = 6pvp = falsegame_mode = endlessenable_snapshots = trueenable_autosaver = truetick_rate = 30connection_timeout = 8000server_save_slot = 1enable_vote_kick = truepause_when_empty = true[account]dedicated_lan_server = falsetoken = *my real server token*[STEAM]DISABLECLOUD = true[MISC]CONSOLE_ENABLED = true

saved, closed the previous screen and restarted via the same command and get the same result as in first post.


Yours doesn't make any sense and there's no [account[ section..


Edit: Apparently I'm a blind idiot that can't properly read the line that says to add the generated file to the same location I made the settings.ini file. *Facepalm*


Second edit: Apparently it doesn't like a copy/paste of the content of file, so had to put it on the server and copy there. Now apparently it's working. :-)


The bad news is that even with added port forward from router to the server and a line in firewall to allow udp on that port can't see the server on the list... Yet. :(

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Any idea on why it doesn't show up in servers list?


I've triple-checked that there's a forward route to the server in router's settings, went a step further have a

iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m state --state NEW -m udp --dport 10999 -j ACCEPT

in my firewall script and still doesn't seem to show up. :(


Edit: Got Portqry from Microsoft and tested the 10999 UDP port via the LAN IP and the WAN one and I get a result as:

UDP port 10999 (unknown service): LISTENING or FILTEREDportqry.exe -n xx.xx.xx.xx -e 10999 -p UDP exits with return code 0x00000002.

and on a non open port that I know for a fact:

UDP port 12345 (unknown service): NOT LISTENINGportqry.exe -n xx.xx.xx.xx -e 12345 -p UDP exits with return code 0x00000001.

so the routing seems be be working..


The server is running and has a map generated. here's last few lines from the screen:

Done forest map gen!scripts/worldgen_main.lua(245,1) Checking map...scripts/worldgen_main.lua(599,1) Generation completeWorldSim::SimThread::Main() complete

What am I missing? :(

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