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Spider king

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Me loving the anything spider in this game (not the real world) I was playing as Webber and noticed that my relatives that live underground dislike me, anyone wanna tell me why webber cannot befriend a ("spider_spitter") ("spider_hider") etc? And Devs if you're reading this;Make a spider king please or for a future dlc, I would pay to have a official spider king/to befriend all speeders.




Now not only in Don't starve is this not possible but in DST, I used a spawning command and wow the blood bath that ensued among my follow ground spiders and spiders from below.


Thoughts? (keep in mind i'm aware webber hasn't been officially added in dst and all the cave stuff has yet to be sorted)   

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why webber cannot befriend a ("spider_spitter") ("spider_hider")
 I had to replace the spider prefab file to be able to get them to accept monster meat. I'd assume Extended Map Generation is replacing the cave spider prefabs already, so I don't think there's much I can do to get cave spiders working for Webber.
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