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pigs are "hogging" all the meat


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I've noticed since the last game changes that the pigs eat all meat within sight instantly. If I go hunting beefalo with a few pigs, as Soon as the beefalo meat hits the ground, the pigs eat it all in a heartbeat. I have to eat rabbits and frogs, meanwhile the pigs get all the good stuff.

side note: the pigs get in the way a lot too, it would be great if they didn't crowd you and stop you from picking things up etc. I would suggest having them create a circle around you when inactive like they do with the campfires.

what do you guys think?

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Pigs don't steal meat when first "hired", only after a couple of fights. My guess is that they eat meat to replenish health, so if they hunted the prey, its only fair that they eat the prize too. In my opinion pigs are nicely balanced between helpful and cannibal thieving bastards.

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I feed my pigs monster meat to stop them from stealing my main meat so often.They dont seem to steal from the farm plots. Which is good.Also feeding my pigs seems to help them survive battles.I also feed them 'vegetarian' to make them produce manure for me. *Evil smile* Why go collecting when I can make a pig **** himself on demand?

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