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Can't open chester!

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I hosted a new game on DST (with some mods) and while I was playing I noticed that when I scrolled the mouse over something, it din't said "Examine ..." but instead it said "Haunt ..." as if I was dead. o.O
I then continued the game normally because when I eqquiped something, the actions was normal (when axe was equipped I could chop trees normally with click or space) but then when I found chester I couldn't open it, because it just said HAUNT CHESTER.
How the hell do I fix that?????
Mods I'm using: Auto catch  -  Afraid of lag  -  Auto retrap  -  Bee nice  -  Chester recipe  -  Craftable gears
                    Deluxe campfires  -  Advanced Farmig  -  Extra easy ressurection  -  Freezer  -  RoG characters
        Where's my beefalo  -  Global positions  -  Growable marble trees  -  Health info  -  More dst characters

        Wall gates  -  Wormhole marks.
That's it.

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I suggest that you try disabling a mod one by one until the bug you've experienced goes away. Once you've found out the mod that is causing the problem, try turning off all other mods and just run a game with that mod and see if it still happens. If it still happens, then it's a problem with the mod, if it doesn't happen on it's own, then it's likely compatibility issue between the mod and another mod. Either way, the mod creator likely would want to know about the issue.

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