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Magnificent Castle... sever lag T_T

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So, I'm hosting this world... I built a very sustainable world... with black jack and hooke- farming camps, hunting camps... and a well fortified castle complete with Living quarters, kitchen, storage...


but at what cost? O__O


I enjoy making awesome (well, at least I think so) and functional bases... mainly defensive bases... But the problem now is that because there are too many objects in one screen and anyone who tries to play in my maps get a lot of lag... and that makes me sad  :wilson_resigned:


So I thought I'll just show you guys one of my recent worlds in DST... well some parts of it... actually just the castle :-)


Base camp near the portal complete with warm gear for anyone who enters during winter... in it a skeleton of a survivor who died from darkness after reviving at the portal from dying from freezing... because of lag... (hidden chests behind those stone columns filled with weapons and magic items XD



The front entrance to the castle... (where the poop farm and.. food farm are... rabbit farm too... a bit further down)



Main quarters... (to the bottom left entrance, my bee boxes and evil flower farms... and telelocator focus)



Kitchen and Storage... (to the upper right, a spider farm and drying racks)


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