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I'm pretty new at Don't Starve, although i have played similar games like Minecraft and what my problem is that i can easily handle my hunger and my health, but i always die at around day 4-9 because of sanity loss and only sanity loss. No problems with health and hunger whatsoever. So, any tips and tricks to further enhance my gameplay?

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Picking flowers restores a little bit of sanity, pick 12 and you can make a flower hat that restores sanity while you wear it. Flowers spread slowly (faster in the spring) but not if you pick them all.

Cooked green mushrooms restore a decent amount of sanity. They only pop up during dusk, with birch & pine woods being the best place to find them.

Make a crock pot. The food it makes is better than the ingredients you put in, and restores a bit of sanity (some of them restore a good amount).

Some clothing restores sanity while you wear it, like the top hat & dapper vest.

Inventing new things restores a decent amount of sanity.

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In terms of surviving the first few days/year, garlands are great to start with and it's best to move to top hats asap after.


In relation to the garland, if you build a net, you can catch butterflies. "Planting" a butterfly will generate a flower. Picking flowers is a decent way to get sanity early on, so build up a nice garden (and keep fire away from it).


As soon as you have a decent food income, get yourself a crockpot and drying racks. Jerky (non-monster) is very good to restore sanity (same as cooked green mushroom) and lasts a long while. Different recipes have different sanity-boosting qualities so see what you can make. In general, sweet food restores the most, and most sweet food requires honey (do not ever use a honeycomb in a recipe). You can make a priority out of killing bees or building bee boxes (this requires an aforementioned honeycomb and those are a finit resource).


Get a bed roll or, better yet, tent if you have food. It restores sanity and health, but at a great hunger cost. Be careful with this method - if you go to sleep hungry, you'll wake up losing health.


Make friends. It shouldn't be too hard to get monster meat and it shouldn't be too hard to find a pig. Feed it the meat (any meat, but monster meat is easier to find) and it will follow you for a while. In this state, being near the pig will boost your sanity, the closer the better. However, it will want a distance between you two, so you have to corner it for maximum boost or get near while it's sleeping. Note that if you go with monster meat, four pieces of that will turn the pig into a werepig.


Every invention nets you some sanity, but this is not a reliable method since it can only be done once and requires various materials, but it's a good one to keep in mind. There's also a few characters with special sanity-restoring ways, so that's a way too. Since you're new to DS, I assume you play with Wilson. If he grows a beard, you can shave it for a small boost. Willow, the first unlockable, gains sanity from being near fire.


As far as you can, avoid anything evil-looking early on because that's certain to drain your sanity.

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First Day, You need to do a few thing:


-Pick flowers and make a garland

-pick all the twigs and grass

-pick all the berries and carrots

-kill some spider (use traps and lure them to it, it can work on rabbits and frogs too)

-chop some wood


2nd day, a lot of stuff to do.

-Look for beefalos

-Look for rock biome

-Look for Pig king 

-Look for swamp

-Make a base in between those things


3rd day is building your base.

-Find a small isolated forest, and burn them. Now you have plenty of charcoals

-Craft Campfire

-Craft Science machine (unless you are librarian, then skip this)

-Craft Alchemy Machine

-Craft crockpot

-Craft a farm


(also, if you want to light up your base, go make a bug net, catch fireflies (during the dark), and drop them 1 by 1 all over your base) (to separate item, pick up the item in your inventory, hold ctrl and put them on a different slot, and only 1 will be stored, drop them and repeat.)


After that, you should have the very basic base, go make armor and spear, try to get gears to make a fridge

Also, try crafting bee box for food recipe


crockpot tips

Putting 1 monster meat in the crock pot wont hurt you, putting more than 1 will.

1 meat+fillers (fillers= berries, carrots, mushroom or meat) = Meatballs

3 meat+fillers = Meat stew (better than meatballs)

These two recipes are the only one you should be making unless you are feeling adventurous, then feel free to make your own recipe. 


Killing monsters tips:


the kite:

Hit them once or twice to agro


they will attack, but you will run, so you shouldn't take damage

hit twice



(this works for almost all the monsters, but some monster requires tanking)


Tanking = wearing a good armour and sword, and some healing salves and just attack them repeatedly, eat healing salve when needed.


Traping= (this is when you have a lot of stuff already, because its a little expensive to make traps

make a bunch of trap, and place them next to each other

agro a monster

and lure them to the trap zone. 


monster vs monster= (this doesn't work to all monsters, but it works best with hounds)

When monsters are attacking, you can go to a few place

1. Beefalo herd, keep going around them and sooner or later, the beefalos will attack them

2. bee hive, when a monster is chasing you, run and find a bee hive, hit the bee hive and go in circles.

3. Pigmen, pigmen, go to a pig village during the day, and go around in circles.


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This is my guide to start out in Vanilla. if you are looking for RoG guide it is a whole different story.

Things you need to look out for: Flint, twigs, cut grass, beefelo, gold, flowers and pig village

Flint and twigs for axe to cut down trees.

cut grass and wood to make a fire.

Flowers to make a flower crown. It may look ridiculous but it will help your sanity 

Beefelo to get manure to make a farm

Gold to make a science machine (among other things, but gold is the hardest to find) to make heat stone and shovel among other things

Pig village to settle. They protect you. Give them monster meat to make them do your bidding.

After you have all of that and made your farm, get ready for the winter by making bunny ear muffs and a heat stone. I recommend that you go on long summer bc that is the easiest.

Go on the Don't Starve Wikia for more info.


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Whenever I begin a new game I run the edges of the map until I have outlined the entire world.  Unless I am in desperate need of some sanity or food I do not make camp even for a night.  Besides running the edges I also fill out some of the areas in order to get a good idea of what is happening in the biomes as well.  Once I have ran the entire map's edge, I note where the center is (typically most biomes are branching off from a central location). 


Let me back up though.  On the second day (while I am running around the map), I usually have enough supplies to build a Science and Alchemy Machine.  I build these immediately in order to make a shovel and backpack.  With these, I continue running around the map but now I begin shoveling grass, saplings, berry bushes etc and collecting any resource from the outer edges.  I do this as I explore because those outer most edges (farthest away from the central location) are usually the places I am less likely to return to in the future.  So by taking those resources with me while revealing the map I can save time from needing to return there later.  


Even if Chester is found early on, it is easy to fill up space with all the various materials being collected.  Due to this, I drop resources off outside the biome I collected them from and onto the edge of the central biome(s) where most of them meet.  I continue with this until I have explored the borders and as much of the rest of the map as I prefer.  Since I like to reveal as much map as possible before settling down and gather resources along the way, I usually won't be done for 15-25 days.  


However, once I have ran the course of the map I already have an abundance of resources and fairly good knowledge of where everything is.  At this point, I decide on a location to build a base and start grabbing all of the supplies/resources I left near the center of the map.  By this time it is either about to be winter or already is, so I either set up camp and build things (typically already have the ingredients for many items) and/or go out and fight MacTusk Hunting Party (because I have already revealed the location from exploring so much in the beginning).  




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