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ThrowableSpears Mod - Apparently crashes server

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Hey guys!
Since the new update the throwable spears mod seems to cause the crash of my friends only server after about 5 throws? (maybe)

Is this a common issue or does the problem only occur when other mods are enabled?


Here's the warning screen for you



Can someone pls help me?

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@KazueKato, I think this is the mod config bug that got fixed today. It's saying that LARGE_USES is a table, but according to my code it should be a number. The bug that got fixed today involved a table that contained the number being passed to the mod instead of the number directly. So let your game update and try again?

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That's why I'm in no hurry to update my mods. :-) I'm still use this function:

local function GetConfig(s,default,get_local)	local c=GetModConfigData(s,get_local) or default	if type( c)=="table" then		c=c.option_data	end	return cend

​For example:

t.can_winter = GetConfig("winter",false)t.must_night = GetConfig("night",true)t.must_rain = GetConfig("rain",false)

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@Maris, Well, that bug was fixed in the hotfix a couple of hours ago. Which is why I didn't bother updating my mods with a fix like that (although I was testing a similar one that checked the type of the value returned by the mod config and defaulted it if it was wrong).

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