[Client Crash] - Unable to host game.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Unable to host game.

Issue Description: I have hosted my own games several times before. Recently, I grew board with my current game (world 1 we will say) and decided to start anew with some friends. It took three times to create a new server, because my game would get to nearly the last bit of loading and simply close itself out. This would happen at least twice, both then trying to join a friend's game as well as host my own. I grew use to this fact, finally began World 2. Things were fine for the last two weeks, let's say. Due to some griefing and what have you, had to restart World 2. Edited some of the world settings and went to start. Now, I am unable to host a game, period. I can join other games without an issue but my own will always load very quickly but right before game starts it will close out. I can access World 1 just fine, but now I can not create a new world no matter what I do. I was using mods, and disabled every single one and still nothing. I have updated my steam, restarted my system, everything I can think of. Is anyone else having this issue or have any idea as to what is going on?

Steps to Reproduce: The thing steps I was doing was 'Host Server'.

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I actually had this error which I found came from a mod that wasn't even enabled! Sadly it was the Pond Manager mod, which is such an awesome piece of work.. It always crashed my world generation though due to "out of memory" according to the log.txt


You could try manually killing all the Folders within the Mods folder then opening the game and generating a world. Don't go to the Mods menu after you remove the folders initially though, as this will just repopulate the mods folder. or if you have that particular mod, it may just be that :)

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