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Effective debugging method?

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Currently if I want to fix my script, I do these:

  1. edit lua or scml with notepad++ or Spriter
  2. save file(s)
  3. run game
  4. wait until the DS/DST tool doing its stuff (compile etc)
  5. wait until game loads
  6. click Play
  7. click [Host]
  8. resume game
  9. see result/changes or error, exit game, go back to step 1


Step 4->8 takes much time.

Step 4 is required, I understand.

However, is there a way to just run the game and skip all other mods from being rescanned/recompiled?
Also when you click Play (step 6) is there a way to just go Host so it doesn't spend time scanning for servers?




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@SenL, When they had a beta(-beta?) branch for experimental workshop support, they had a button above play that just jumped straight into hosting world 1... Maybe there's a flag somewhere that enables that. I agree, it would definitely be helpful.


Although I don't think step 4 is really required. I don't think I've ever had a time where it compiled stuff for me that I wasn't already launching the game specifically to compile. It would be nice if it were one of the launch programs under the Don't Starve Mod Tools, so you could just manually run it when you want to. 

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When testing code you do not need to completely restart the game. Just reloading the map will be enough; I added a console command to do this myself.


GLOBAL.c_reload = function ()
        reset_action = GLOBAL.RESET_ACTION.LOAD_SLOT,
        save_slot = GLOBAL.SaveGameIndex:GetCurrentSaveSlot()


This is assuming you didn't completely break the code and it gets stuck on a error screen. Could possibly modify that code too tho that it reloads when that happens =p

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If you enable the debug keys, the key combination Ctrl+Shift+R loads immediatly the world saved in slot 1.

Put this in the modmain of your mod:

GLOBAL.CHEATS_ENABLED = trueGLOBAL.require('debugkeys')

There is also the Ctrl+R combination that does a soft reset of the game, G to go into godmode or resurrect you if you're dead, Shift+R to delete prefab under your mouse, T to teleport you to the mouse, and much more! :-) You can look at all of them in scripts/debugkeys.lua.

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