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  1. Entities are only loaded in a large circle around you, you can see it my changing your camera distance as client (TheCamera.maxdist = 200 or so in console). Also, You can't zip around the map without the server putting you there, with that I mean is that the server is already actively sending all those entities around you, even if going at fast speeds... With dummy objects I mean simple prefabs spawned on the client side that only contain an icon for the specified prefab. The location and prefab would be specified by the server in a global (no transform) networked entity.
  2. Easily, no. Even if your client knew about the icon I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be drawing it. The icons you see in the distance are cached icons on the mini map. It would be possible but would require a lot of work and it wouldn't be done very cleanly. (Creating dummy objects for a second to cache the icon on the minimap)
  3. Damn, Can't believe I missed that. I debugged printed the table and the entry wasn't in it at all. I would have figured it would have contained a nil if it was such a mistake lol.
  4. I'm not sure if mod config is networked at all. If its not (which I think it isn't...) the client recipe shows the clients mod setting (normal by default). But when you craft it it will probably still consume the amount specified on the server. *edit* Never mind, just examined the code and it is networked
  5. The atlas comes with a xml file that determines the coordinates used. I guess what you did is just paint on top of an existing atlas. Its easier to generate the atlas from seperate textures. *edit* As this is a character it works slightly different and is slightly harder then I thought. But I believe the bugs I'm seeing are because of incorrect placement on the atlas.
  6. Looks like you are just creating an entity right there and then, one without a name. It can't network that. You should create a projectile prefab for that. Also anything that comes after the first "projectile.entity:SetPristine()" should probably only be run on the server side (TheWorld.ismastersim) *edit* @DarkXero, you beat me to it
  7. Both are doable, although, banned is probably slightly trickier depending on if the banned player is still on the client table at the moment of the event... age would simply be checking player.components.age.GetAgeInDays() > somenumberSomething along the lines of this would probably work... local clientinfo = nilfor k,v in pairs(TheNet:GetClientTable()) do if v.userid == player.userid then clientinfo = v break endendlocal banned = falsefor k,v in pairs(TheNet:GetBlacklist()) do if clientinfo.steamid == v.steamid then banned = true break endendthen checking if banned is true. But this is assuming the banned player is still in the ClientTable at the moment despawn is called. It could be that he is not. If not you could check him by name. *edit* you could also possibly check by user id, but I'm not sure how unique that is, but it seems pretty unique . local banned = falsefor k,v in pairs(TheNet:GetBlacklist()) do if player.userid == v.userid then banned = true break endend
  8. @Kzisor. Yes, I agree you should be using the locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier. But that's a completely different issue from how to trigger it. A 1 second timer will still be better on performance, both cpu and network performance. Since changing it every frame will also cause it to be transmitted over the network every (network)tick.
  9. I highly doubt performance wise yours is better, I would even think its worse. Considering that temperature can change every tick, meaning that event can get fired every tick as opposed to a fixed one per second custom event.
  10. If your character is completely finished, and you just need some coding done for perks etc then I'd be willing to help. We could make some cool unique perks, not such boring generic ones!
  11. in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\settings.ini under [Misc] autocompiler_enabled = false probably does what you want
  12. I guess equipped items only exist on their owner and server. That`s why the normal the torch spawns a separate prefab for the light effect.
  13. Like I said in my first post, Its because the wormhole doesn't exist on the client. The minimap icons that are out of range are cached icons not active prefab icons, those icons are completely unrelated to anything and will always go out of sync.
  14. If that's the case then perhaps the map icon texture isn't networked. Haven't really looked into that. If that's the case you should just network "self.wormhole_number" and make it trigger Mark() on clients, or something similar... I'm still not sure whether or not the client knows all wormholes, I'd expect it doesn't. So It could also be that it IS networked but your client calls mark as well? and without knowledge of the other wormholes I guess the number is always 0 or something?