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Category: General

Issue Title: Modconfigurations not working properly

Issue Description: Configuring one specific mod, like say MiniMap HUD, is not working like it used to before Hotfix 124146. Whenever there is more than one congifuration on one mod it seems the configurations that end up on the right aren't saved and just plain aren't working. The ones to the left are fine, it's just the ones to the right. There's also a problem with GetModConfigData for these configurations, I noticed this trying to fix my own mod for DST. Even though I've set the default value of one of the configurations to 1.5 the configurations on the right always take the left most value which is 0.5, and I can't change it because the changes aren't saved for whatever reason.

Steps to Reproduce: Download/subscribe to a mod that has more than one configuration, for example MiniMap HUD, enter the mod menu and then enter the configurations of the mod that was downloaded. Try changing the values to the right to something other than what they are by default, apply, go back in and the value haven't been saved. Also, if you leave the mod menu after activating the mod, it will most likely crash because like I said, GetModConfigData doesn't seem to work.

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