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Hotfix 124146 - 1/21/2015

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  • Players can now vote to kick others off of dedicated servers with no admin present. Votes require a minimum or three players, last for 5 minutes and must be unanimous - 1 to pass. If the vote passes the player is kicked from the server. Should the player return and get voted off again they will be temporarily banned for increasing intervals of 30 minutes (ex. second kick = 30 minute ban, 3rd kick = 60 minute ban, etc.). Bans are reset when a new world is generated.

  • Dedicated servers can now install mods and mod collections through a lua file in the mods directory named servermods.lua. Calls to ServerModSetup and ServerModCollectionSetup in this file, with the mod/collection id string as the parameter, will download and install the mods when a dedicated server boots.

  • TheNet:GenerateServerToken() now generates server_token.txt which is used for dedicated server authentication.

  • Display more information when failing to start a server or join a game

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when attacked by weaponless creatures (like Tentacle)

  • Fixed bug with player ghost action picker

  • Fix tree artwork for Totally Normal Tree and Spiky Tree

  • Fixed a bug where beemines could still be picked up right after they are triggered

  • Fix crash in vote kick when the player being voted leaves the server before the vote ends

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Vote option is not present when no admin is connected.


What are the pre-requisites?

+ Admin away ?

+ Vote kick enabled on server, where?

+ Vote kick enabled on all cients, in my_settings.ini => enable_vote_kick = true ? Why is there no patch because not everybody is going to put this setting.

+ ...


Please clarify as trolls really ruins the game...



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