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Secret items (for example, invisible traps for other players)

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It may be treasure chest or anything else.


I easily can make a server side mod which delete prefabs on clients. So they are pseudo invisible.


​BUT there will be opportunity for cheating! 

Is there any way to do not send information of some prefabs to some players. The mod should be able to decide which players can see prefabs and which can't.

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@Maris, Hmm... You can make something only exist on the local client/host by not doing AddNetwork, but that will only work for visuals.


But I don't think the opportunity for cheating is that significant, so I'd just do the spawn-for-all-and-delete approach. Although perhaps better than deleting would be to do something like this: inst.AnimState:SetBank("trololol"). Assuming trololol isn't added by any mod, it should make it invisible.


Edit: Actually, look at how Global Player Icons works. It has a networked entity that triggers the creation of local entities on the client. Since the networked entity doesn't actually exist at a location, it makes cheating it very difficult and require deep knowledge of the mod. If the networked entity has :AddTag("CLASSIFIED"), then it won't show up in FindEntities, so I'm not even sure how you'd go about cheating to find it.

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