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Age of the Cast

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I wanted to get your opinions on how old you think the playable characters are in this game. Due to the Tim Burton art style, it can be hard to tell exactly how old the characters are. Here are my theories.

Wilson- You can clearly see Wilson has a few wrinkles under his eyes, so i would say he is middle aged.

Estimated age- 42

Willow- She is fully grown, but she also carries a teddy bear around, so i think she might be a teenager.

Estimated age- 16

Wendy- She is much smaller than the other characters, and she dosn't seem to understand the fact that her sister is dead. She is clearly Elementry school age.

Estimated age- 7

Wolfgang- He dosn't have as many wrinkles as Wilson, so i would say he's a few years yonger.

Estimated age- 34

What are your opinions?

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42? Damn thats old xD But I guess thats what I feel as people in Malta get married and have kids at about age 21, so my parents are only 36 :p Also, I think his eye wrinkles are from days of not sleeping, from before being stuck on this "world".

Well in my opinion:

Wilson: 32

Willow: 16

Wendy: 8

WolfGang: 29

Wickerbottom (From the portrait and full picture): 58

Just my opinions :p

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