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  1. The Game Is Losing Replay Value

    Just take a break and play and test when updates come out =/
  2. 4 Spider Queens at the Same Time =(

    have yet to come across a queen myself I cant wait to take her down!
  3. wow that would be super cool and helpful like sidekicks lol
  4. Missing king??

    Hmm.. thats werid I thought every world had a king in it
  5. Rare or Mythical Locations

    1) Im not so sure how this could fit into the game unless it brings you into another world and you can go back and forth between the two which I would love 2) I really like the land shark ideas haha, and maybe when fishing you could get rare treasure and research it 3) That'd be a very fun challange to try and survive in that kind of biome 4) Love this idea and maybe they could make them underground aswell that'd be sweet
  6. What's the dead tree for?

    good job explaining that very helpful I was curious how the cycle worked in-depth I had the same idea just didnt know the details, thanks : )
  7. im actually having troubles setting it on fire since the latest patch
  8. Age of the Cast

    Wilson: 37 Willow: 17 Wendy: 6 WolfGang: 31
  9. There still trying to find the perfect balance I guess but idk how you can impress early game and late game players
  10. What you like to cook?

    I just eat berries have a huge berry farm
  11. I have yet to hatch my first one : ( only 2 eggs hatch on my map
  12. Krampus Fan Song

    Cool rhymes : P
  13. New character Markus The Mad

    nice creative idea for another character, the escapee from an insane asylum is a bit creepy though
  14. "Make New World"

    I personally advise to keep playing on the same world and wait for updates to come out so you feel at home i've been on the same world since I started playing and i've loved it im currently on around day 200 and not bored of the game I feel like theres always new things I want to try in "my world"
  15. Furthest Day

    i've been on the same world since I started playing this game and im around day 200 at the moment