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  1. It's worth mentioning that someone already drew Whinney's look-a-like in the Tim Burton art style (the style this game is made in). So mabie this is closer to what you thought Whinney should look like.
  2. I wanted to get your opinions on how old you think the playable characters are in this game. Due to the Tim Burton art style, it can be hard to tell exactly how old the characters are. Here are my theories. Wilson- You can clearly see Wilson has a few wrinkles under his eyes, so i would say he is middle aged. Estimated age- 42 Willow- She is fully grown, but she also carries a teddy bear around, so i think she might be a teenager. Estimated age- 16 Wendy- She is much smaller than the other characters, and she dosn't seem to understand the fact that her sister is dead. She is clearly Elementry school age. Estimated age- 7 Wolfgang- He dosn't have as many wrinkles as Wilson, so i would say he's a few years yonger. Estimated age- 34 What are your opinions?
  3. It seems Klei entertainment wants to make a game where you simply live of the land and explore the world around you. However, with things like the farm, crock pot, and berry bushes it's easy to hold up in one place. This isn't a bad thing though, setting up an advanced camp can be very rewarding when you build a big enough farm to live off. With this in mind, i think it might be a good idea to have 2 separate game modes. One called 'Settler Mode' and the other called 'Nomad Mode'. Settler Mode... In this mode you have access to farms and advanced shelter options. However, the world is very small, and resorces are limited, so you need to set up a self sustaining camp, or else you will run out of resources and starve. Nomad Mode... In this mode the world is huge and resources are abundent, however farms and housing are disabled forcing you to hunt and forage for all your food. What are your thought's on this?
  4. naturally, food is the most important resorce in this game. Because of that, i think there should be many more food recipies added to the game before release. Here are my ideas... New Base Foods... Milk- By crafting a bucket, you can milk certain animals. Milk is always the same, reguardless of what animal it comes from, however it dosn't stay fresh for long. Cheese- After about a day, milk will culture into cheese. Cheese has less food value than fresh milk, but it also has more recipies it can be used in. Tomatos- Another food you can grow on your farms. Rarer than corn, but more common than carrots. New Crock Pot Recipies... Pork Tacos- 2 morsels 2 corn. Fruit Salad- 2 carrots 2 any fruit. Chili Con Carne- 2 any meat 2 tomato Pizza- 1 any meat 2 cheese 1 tomato Fondue- 3 cheese 1 Twig Spegetti & Meatballs- 1 any meat 2 tomatos 1 cheese what ideas do you have for new foods.
  5. One minor error you made is you referred to Whinney as "The Stallion" even though she is actually a mare. By the way, did you get the idea for Whinney from this character?