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My autocompiler hates me

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I hope this is the right place to ask


Long story short, I had to wipe and reinstall windows on my computer because stupid stuff and now the autocompiler will not touch the anim folder for my custom character mod.


I assumed it couldve been the update but i gave my friend the character and it autocompiled completely.

Though i could obviously just rely on my friend i wish to have it for myself and its driving me nuts.


I did find the last bit of the autocompiler a bit weird. Pic related



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@rons0n, yup, this is the right place to ask about the Autocompiler!

When your friend compiled the mod for you, did they put the mod in the dont_starve folder or the Don't Starve Together Beta folder? Are you able to put your mod into the original Don't Starve's mod folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve) and see if that compiles now? 

Looking at your log file, it appears that part of the compile process isn't happy with spaces in the filename. Could you zip or rar your mod and upload it to here?


Thanks for the info!

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My friend used the compiler when she launched it on DST, she compiled it successfully.

And yes, I originally put the mod in the DS folder to compile it and then transfered it to the DST folder. The anim folder remains untouched.

Also to make matters worse, i tried using other characters by removing their anim files and now they're not compiling either.

I feel as if this is more of an issue on my computers side if anything, even though i made a 100% clean install.


But more on topic, I'll be sending the mod through a PM. Kinda paranoid haha.


My sincere apologies for wasting your time, PeterA.


It seems i resolved the issue by just reinstalling the two games again.

I had my games on a other hard drive so i just simply activate the games when steam wanted the directory.

Apparently thats a no-no and reinstalled it for the solution.

Feel free to ignore the PM i sent you.


Yet again, sorry.

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