[Server Crash] - Delete 10000 prefabs


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Delete 10000 prefabs

Issue Description: Yes, i was trying to delete 10000 prefabs at once. Probably it's random bug.

I think you can find it if and only if you will spawn or delete tons of prefabs on the server with clients.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start a server.

2. Login as client.

3. Spawn 10000 "cutgrass" near client character.

4. Delete all prefabs in the game at once (in one code chunk).

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Where is my attached screenshot?




GLOBAL.del_all=function()	local e=TheSim:FindEntities(0,0,0,1500)	--local res={}	--local j=1	for i,v in ipairs(e) do		if (v.prefab~="wilson") then			--local s=v.prefab			local r=v:Remove()			--res[j]=tostring(s).." = "..tostring(r)			--j=j+1		end	end	--arr(res)	--p("DELETED "..j.." PREFABS")end

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