Don't have a credit card? Have a key to trade? Look here!

Toaster Fu

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Welcome to the
Don't Starve trade thread


This is the thread to post in if you

  • [*]Have some extra keys to trade or sell

Before posting please read the trading rules.

When you make a post please say, What you would like to trade for, what you have to trade, and if you are also willing to use money as well as trade.

These are some basic rules I am SUGGESTING be followed to make this whole thread run smoother.

  • [*]Please conduct all business through PMs not in the thread [*]DO NOT post any personnel information in this thread [*]Please edit your post to say when your offer becomes unavailable [*]Please do not post the same offer multiple times in the thread, once should be plenty

And remember, it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to make sure both parties are satisfied with the deal.

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I may trade any of the games in my Steam's Wishlist for an even number of Don't Starve Keys.

I've already traded several keys with members of this forum without incident.

PS: I've been already called an "Enabler" and a "Payment system" :D


I've successfully traded Faster Than Light with Bloody Slacker, as he was the first one to suggest such trade. Sorry to the others interested, only expensive (or not released) games left on my wishlist.

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Successfully traded, once more. Also, DERP!
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