Suggestions for mods, or to add to the game!

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dont starve suggestions:

Some are more useful than others; I'll put a * to the ones I consider are almost necessary


I dont know how to make mods, but I thought these were some ideas to those who were looking to make one, or for the creators if by chance they see this and add it into the game.. seems unlikely.

I know there are mods for some like the hut and the chests but it could get permanently implemented into the game.


feel free to reply or make a mod out of one of these.


(please, reply if you make a mod from this, would love to see it!)



*carpet provides some/minimal warmth


*sleeping hut that lasts 5-10 days/ or permanent bed


*bigger chests with more slots


-option to change durability of rabbits and birds in inventory


*option to have freezing and overheating

also, Summer should not be strong enough to kill, perhaps just make slower and uncomfortable.


-option to have snow and rain, seperately


*option to customize a characters stats


*buildable umbrella to put in base to cover from rain and overheating

with a good durability and only rain takes down its durability


*ability to clean world of rot, evil flowers, manure. or auto cleans after 5 days


-better lureplant; meat stays at least 1-2 whole days.


***buildable bridges over water, so you dont have to go around.


-ability to fertilize berry bushes before they run out                  


-boats, docks


-fishing on dock


-tameable dogs.


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You can get bigger chests by defeating the Dragonfly. Only downside is that it only comes by once every 70-80 days. I think that balance if fair enough. Space management is part of the gameplay too.


Why do you want to clean the world of evil flowers? Do you have any idea how valuable those are? Not to mention that once they're gone, they'll never come back - give or take full moon in RoG. And manure? Like, do you know how valuable guano is? And that beefalo are pooping constantly, so clean-up is barely worth it?


Options for freezing and overheating I can understand, but overheating as non-lethal is not what I think the answer is. Making it more manageable sure, but not non-lethal.

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I think there should be Craftable Touchstones. I know it sounds WAAAAY overpowered, but why not make it WAAAAAY hard to make them? Here's my recommendation for the Recipe: 4 nightmare fuel, 4 pigskin, 4 marble, 8 twigs and 4 rocks. Thoughts?


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