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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Can't Play the game

Issue Description: After opening Don't Starve Together through steam and clicking on the Play! button, the game tries to log in to my linked account.

It fails every time, and brings up the "create an account" dialogue.

Steps to Reproduce: Opening the link in this dialogue does nothing at first, and then eventually fails to connect to the server. Error code is -103, apparently.

I created an account here on the forums, but was never sent an activation email.

I later created another account with a different email address, and finally received an activation email.

I unlinked the old account from steam, and linked the new, activated account to my steam.

Further login attempts were the same as the original problem.

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No I have been unable to register, as that link and the one generated by the game do not function correctly.
Even after entering an email address and birthdate, and then checking the 'agree to EULA', the form does not submit.
Clicking the register button does nothing for a very long time, and then throws error -103

Also, the link you sent has an error in it, apparently.


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  • Developer

Can you check if there are some alphanumerical characters after Register/ in the URL in the link generated by the game ? It's your personal registration token. So just check if the game generate one but do NOT post it here.

Thanks :)

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