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Thought About Peter's the Hunt Game

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I found this dedicated server and fell in love for the first time. For those of you who haven't tried the mod yet, I strongly encourage you to try it.

so for the rest of you who did, I want to say: good job. It seems that this mod is intended for 3 characters only-Wolfgang, Wickerbottom and Willow. 



The highest i got with Wolfgang was 61, that was partly because I ran out of stuff to kill by the 10 minute mark. The tips for using Wolfgang are: to eat the meatball right off the bat, then collect some food along the way. try to find 10 grass, 3 twigs and one flint. You should make a grass armor and an axe afterwards. Then, you pretty much kill as many things as possible and eat honey+gland+monster meat while you rest. 



Max record:75. Willow's lighter has a chance to ignite the enemy, use this as an advantage, hit an enemy with lighter and switch to the spear for maximum output. 


Wickerbottom: she is currently the only one with the ability to make spear without a tech. Since I pretty much finished my spear duration by the 7 minute mark, I made extra spear and grass armor just in case. 



It does get boring after few runs so it's not recommended for hardcore player(more for semi-core players like me). 

feedback: make the night shorter and give the recipe for spear and rope at the start. 


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