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Where do stolen items go?

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I had recently come back from an expedition, and I had a great bounty of grass -2 stacks worth- but I had no storage room for it, so I set them on the ground. I thought they would be fine there.


When I come back from obtaining some manure from the local pigmen, I find my grass gone, and a catcoon batting at the second stack, which promptly vanished.


I swiftly dispatch it in an effort to get my items back, but I soon learn that no, they do not drop them as loot.


Incidentally, that was my only grass.

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That grass will become poop,

Except it will be of no use;

The catcoon dislikes fecal matter

As it's neither pleasant nor is it dapper.

Your grass is no more,

As it hurts the catcoon to the core.

The cat coon is dying,

Can you hear it crying?

Hack, splutter, cough!

It's choking on its own vomit

full of cut grass and Grommet.

I guess he likes dogs,

But not eating frogs...

But most of all

(No, it's not Paul!)

He likes to eat grass

and it comes out his... uhh.

Listen, this has gone on long enough.

Although the matter is tough.

You must be strong and carry on

despite having no grass.

EDIT: And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you leave up the web page you were on around family members. >.>

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