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  1. O___O TET? you uh... still in this realm?

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    2. Asparagus


      Figured as much :T

      wait... did you know him?

    3. BUTTERSKY11


      i saw his mod on youtube along time ago and i liked the mod and now i come back to download his mod UPDATED and find out he hasent been active ( and removed the steam ones and that the layouts.lua is missing like he broke it on purpose)

    4. Asparagus
  2. You couldn't find any clockworks, because they were disabled on that map for testing and I never got around to re-enabling them. I'd be interested in hearing more suggestions about that map via pm, it's really not well balanced.
  3. honestly I really like removing the burning sensations, and including dehydration in some way, shape, or form. EDIT: I mean how many places on earth can you think of where things randomly catch fire in the summer? I've only got one in my head, but I can think of a ton of places where you can freeze to death in winter in half a day (24h) if you're not wearing winter clothes. I'm not asking for absolute realism here, but dehydration would make a ton more sense than stuff randomly catching fire and the heat killing you as much as it does. (plus, I would actually leave my tiny camp in the summer if stuff didn't just randomly catch fire when I left, as it stands, the punishment for leaving in the summer is just too great and I can just sleep through it)
  4. I can see it now I lock my door, thinking I'll be safe when a willow comes along with a hammer/lighter and just hammers the wall segment next to the door, or lights the whole place on fire.
  5. New playable character. It's definitely a new playable character.
  6. I definitely know that feeling. All we really need for a completely renewable world, though (well renewable enough, anyway) is tufts, saplings, and reeds. Everything else (that wasn't going to be slowly depleted in the base game anyway) is possible to regenerate from almost nothing, but with those two, there's no way to get 'em back once they're burned. Flowers and acorns would be nice too, but since they're pretty much impossible to completely get rid of, and you can regenerate them from almost nothing, they don't really need to me made "more renewable". That's my opinion, anyway.
  7. Yeah... it all kinda falls under the category of "renewable farming" though. I wouldn't have brought up the other topics if I had known you wanted this to be exclusively about trees
  8. Sorry about that, I didn't get the notification! But it just occurred to me what your issue might be! This is the DST page! The base game page is thataway! I've tried this before, but didn't really get anywhere with it, the worldgen really likes to break off (like you see in a default map). I'll see if I can make more progress than I did last time though, I've learned a few new tricks.
  9. Wish granted, now nobody can understand anyone else, because we all just sound like whatever wigfrid is voiced by. I wish for infinite wishes with no terrible side-effects. Oh the power of self referencing.
  10. True dat. Sometimes I just wish people wouldn't go around picking up every flower and burning every sapling and grass tuft they see, though. Whenever I play, I focus, almost to a fault, on making sure what I'm doing is renewable. I was like this even when I first started. I mean, I realize that homeless bees and planting butterflies isn't exactly common sense, but shouldn't it be common sense that bees can't make honey without flowers? I just wish there were a way to prevent griefers on dedicated servers without limiting the survival aspect. I like that my grass can catch fire if someone who is trying to do good does something stupid, but I don't want the power to ruin my day to be in the hands of every willow with a lighter and a hammer. There's no way to prevent it though. It's just sad. I wish there were some way to detect someone's intentions before they logged in, and kick them preemptively. Intentions are all I really care about. If someone wants to help, but screws up, that's okay, it's just the people that log in with the sole purpose of ruining someone else's day that I don't want joining. Bad players are fine. Bad people, however...
  11. I've got a problem that's similar now. I've taken to playing on the dedicated servers, and I find that there are only a few flowers here and there. I managed to get 40 flowers going, but when I logged back on today, apparently people had picked every single flower and didn't replace any. Why do people always pick every single flower? Don't they know that the homeless bees I left there will repopulate them if you just leave six? All the grass and saplings I had left there are gone now too. A griefer probably burned them all for a quick laugh. I hate people.
  12. Don't Starve Together Beta\data\scripts\components\sewing.lua Don't Starve Together Beta\data\scripts\prefabs\sewingkit.lua These two should get you started. If you find something and you're wondering where it gets declared, notepad++'s find in files feature works wonders, just set it to Don't Starve Together Beta\data\scripts\ and let it work its magic.