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I almost always play willow for the sanity boost being near fire, but I am wondering what other great characters are there? I know wx78 can go up to a insane amount of health. I was wondering what woodie and wickerbottom would be like? What are each one of the books used for, specifically the tentacle and lightning one.

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Haha, I predict somebody will come into this topic and complain about you calling Willow a great character. To answer your questions about Woodie and Wickerbottom, I can point to some helpful reference guides on the wiki.


To answer the question in the topic title though, I'm a big fan of Wendy and Abigail myself! :D

Their gameplay is really fun, dealing with lots of early exploration (thanks to the lowered sanity drain over time from Dusk/Night) and enormous moonlit fights.


Playing as Wendy means learning how best to handle engagements with all of the different creatures in Don't Starve. Abigail can dominate a lot of weaker swarm type creatures with her AoE attack and stun-locking, but she will struggle a lot against the bigger threats when they can ignore the stun-lock and have more HP than she does.


Wendy also has a guide on the wiki that covers a lot of the basics and more for playing as her.


I hope this gives you some insight and general ideas about who you'd like to play as! (*cough*PickWendy*cough*)

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Woodie and Wickerbottom are more along the lines of generic pro gameplay. Unlike Wolfgang or Wendy, they don't present you with passive challenges that will always matter, but active ones that can easily be negated. The main difference between the two are that Woodie has one double-edged trait, whereas Wickerbottom has seperated pros and cons, two each.


That makes those two hidden community favourites, overshadowed only by all-times punny Wilson and the oddly popular Webber.

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Personally, I prefer Willow for the fire sanity boost and.. well.. she's a pyromaniac. There's also personal reasons.

I haven't yet given all the characters a go, Wickerbottom hasn't been played yet. I'm playing the Viking woman right now, and her refusal to eat any vegetables (possible gameplay spoiler, highlight to read) is proving ANNOYING. And I've grown so used to the fire sanity boost that it's a hard habit to shake. I have, however, learned of the pigs' sanity aura, and how to have them follow.. which is useful until all four of them turn into werepigs on the full moon and decide to eat a quarter of my base's walls.



Wilson - Obvious reasons

Willow - listed, typically my go-to

Woodie - With proper planning, he's a powerful one.

Wigfrid - FOR VALHALLA! .. what can I say, she's a flavor character I think I'm starting to love, despite her annoyances.

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