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  1. On the hippie bandwagon, while my friend was being attacked by a treegaurd "BUT I HAVE FLOWER HAT! I LOVE YOOOUUU!" "i'm a robot wearing a top hat playing with a strongman and being chased by an giant eyeball with legs. How do you THINK I'm doing?" "We are in dire need of copious amounts of poop." "Quick! Throw your poop in the fire!" "I am ready for murder" -me, to my friends, the first time I saw rabbit's rightclick option. "THIS! GIRL! IS ON FIRE!" -to the tune of Alicia Keys
  2. To be fair, it was nighttime, it looks like. And sometimes you just can't see the darn things' color, especially with the game's color-grading. Could have been a case of thinking it wasn't when it was. Kiting until morning has its own possible issues.. if you have the means to kill.. why not? Also, sometimes, your only option is to kill in camp, lest you be preyed upon by the darkness. Torches don't last long, even