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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: A strange occurrence in Hunt Mode
Issue Description: Sorry if this shouldn't be here, but I figured that since hunt is a Klei-created mod it is o.k. I was on Peter's Hunt Mode Server, or whatever it's called. The Klei-hosted dedicated server. I had Gesture Wheel installed, although I don't think that had anything to do with it. I was playing as Wolfgang. It was the end of the match. I was dead. I'm pretty sure the timer was at the end. My screen went black like normal. I was then faced with a world space that was nothing but grass. I did not see any characters and I was unable to move or zoom out. It was there for a while. Eventually, the screen cut to black, and the server started up like normal. I'm not sure if anybody else experienced this. When I entered the game, again as Wolfgang, I could not interact with my inventory using the mouse, craft using the mouse or capslock, or view my exact stats using the mouse.I could interact with my inventory using numbers. I stated my predicament in the chat, but nobody responded, so, again, I don't know if anybody else experienced this. The next round, I could do everything normally. I was Wolfgang again. The attached picture is a screenshot of the weird world space.
Steps to Reproduce:

-Install Gesture Wheel (?)

-Play Hunt (on the Klei server?) (as Wolfgang?)
-Get to the end of the match (dead?)
-Sit and wait

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