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Pitchforks Are Underrated in DST

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The pitchfork can dig up ANY spot of ground. Since biomes are shown on the map, pitchforks can be used to draw arrows, words, symbols, faces, etc... on a map for all to see.  Here are some practical applications (Edited as new ideas are added to the list):


1. Arrows that point towards you're base. 

2. Firebreaks. Dig up turf over an area you don't want to accidentally plant on, making it easier to space out flammable plants and trees..

3. Letters or Numbers to make wormholes easier to keep track of. "I'll meet you at wormhole B2"

4. Replace the biome of a wormhole entrance with the biome on its other side.

5. Letters or numbers to name each area. "There's a treeguard in the SAVY Savana"

6. Working compass. Put a N E S W letters around spawn, making it clear which way is which without a compass.

7. Nearly free material to throw in a fire.

8. Make roads in the forest easier to see at night by putting savana turf under them.

9. Warning rings showing the aggro range of a creature, or to mark a sleeping treeguard.

10. Entertainment to stave off boredom.

11. Prevent lureplants from growing eyes using rocky turf.

12. Prevent spidernest web/creep from slowing the player as much using red brick.

13. Player made roads.

14. Mark safe areas in the marsh biome, by digging up all turf that does not contain tentacles.


...and for all that, pitchforks lose durability quite slowly.  Do you have any other ideas on pitchfork applications in DST?


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I should note that during winter, onscreen changes in biome are almost completely covered by snow - though they remain visible on the minimap.  I also find most players don't expect to find arrows on the ground, and sometimes don't notice them until its pointed out. Lastly, savanna yellow on forest turf is easier to spot than grass turf on forest turf on the minimap, especially in patchwork biomes.

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I don't do much of the marking, but I love using it to make lureplant farms. To my chagrin, most players don't seem to realize the lureplants are useful... We found one last night and the player that killed it tossed it into the fire immediately. 

I was so sad. ;-;



Someone almost always eventually makes a pitchfork for sanity and then uses it up for #7, though. I definitely want to use it to mark a compass next game. I got so frustrated with one of my friends yesterday who kept having the camera turned around and telling me something was "south" or "west" etc when it was really west and north, respectively.

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Most people do not acknowledge my arrows though.

Yeah...  I think if you have something pointing to base you'd have to specifically say "Follow the arrows in the ground" when they join or they won't notice.. I've seen so many ways people try to guide each other and they're almost all ignored unless you point them out, because there's really no standard method of communicating.

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Yes, it's pretty rare for anyone to notice an arrow they weren't looking for, no matter how big and glaring it is. That aside, I came up with yet another practical use of pitchforks.


14: Mark paths of safety in the swamp biome by digging up all turf that doesn't contain tentacles. As an extra bonus, you now have an extra obvious color to work with when making letters and arrows with turf.

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