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Items disappearing

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Hi, yesterday I was playing with a friend on a private server and one day we went out to do don't starvey things and when we came back to our camp all the stuff we'd left on the ground was gone! We had a bunch of gems, some torches, tools, that sort of thing. I thought it might be Krampus, but I didn't hear the sound of them coming and they would need to have shown up while we were away from the base.


So my question is, can Krampus show up and take your stuff without warning while you're miles away, or do you think this is some sort of bug?

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Well, we've been murdering a lot of rabbits and killed a Koalephant, I have no idea whether that would be enough to summon Krampus. I don't know much about how the naughtiness system works. In fact, I wish the game would explain that such a system even exists, it's so obscure. If I didn't watch trailers or read forums or the wiki I wouldn't even know about it.


But if I'm not mistaken, there should be a noise before Krampus shows up, right? Kind of like with the giants and the hounds? I've only seen those thieves twice in all my time playing Don't Starve.

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Gee, I really can't say, we have a couple of chests where we store them and constantly murder and replace them. I guess we might kill 8 in one day?


I think the main question here is whether or not Krampus can strike without any player being present.

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