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Gripes, very big! Super gripes! World Problems, 1st world problems

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This may not be a serious issue, but its annoying, When you want to create a world and edit it, they are on two separate areas, it doesn't make any sense, I mean okay you have the "create world" button on one side then "edit world" like a part from the "create world" button. IMO, the there should be a transition between the creating world to the editing part. For instance when I press "Create World" it should bring me to the "Edit world menu".


I know this problem can be fixed by not pressing "Create world" instantly when you want to host, but geez the amount of times I press "Create world" before editing it is numerous, However I do feel that it should be changed due to it being more fluid for players to customize their world before it creates, instead of "Oh I pressed create, time to wait for world to create and d/c from it, Then go back to menu, delete the world, then edit world then press create."



They need to have the "edit" part within the pressing "create" button, instead of two god damn separate buttons that feel abit isolated.


tl;dr of the tl;dr


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Actually, i agree with the First world problem, you wouldnt believe how many worlds I have generated, and have to quite and delete, cas i hit create instead of edit. It doesnt help that the "view world" button is the one that changes to edit.

But, its based on how much time it takes to fix, its not serious enough to get in the way of implementing adventure mode, etc.

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I agree with Corpserule, it's not too serious. I got over this after accidentally pressing the create world button instead of the edit world button a few times, but yeah I think they should evenually be merged into one button that says 'create world', which takes you to the customise world screen, with 2 buttons at the bottom, one that says 'wait, go back! ' and the other that says 'start game,' which would prompt you with 'Are you sure? (y/n)' That's just how I'd like to see it though.

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I love the tags on this thread. 

This really was a first world problem for me. That is, I did it on the first world I made, noticed, and never again. Anyways, I'd kind of hate to be bothered with an extra window for every world creation. Maybe just one extra dialogue box that's toggleable would suffice here?

I'm thinking something like:

"Create World? You will no longer be able to edit the world settings!"

with options

"Yes, I'm sure," "Wait, go back," and a checkbox of "Don't show this warning again."

Then you could leave it enabled if you want it, disable it if it's annoying, and overall absolutely zero people should be negatively affected.

*yells off into the background somewhere* I THINK THE WORLD IS SAVED NOW, MOTHER, YOU CAN COME OUT.

EDIT: Additionally, putting custom presets that I've made on the server creation screen without requiring going into world edits would be amazing. I don't need to load into the other screen if I can just save something as HOST THIS and choose that preset from the host a server page along with the other settings, like friends only, pvp, etc.

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In the normal game the setup is the same anyway with two different buttons so why complain now? and not when he original game was created


(wind 'em up and let them go) hehehehe


That's not really providing a solution plus your sidetracking off the whole point, plus were not talking about a singleplayer experience, were talking a multiplayer experience where when you mess up everyone has to wait, in a singleplayer its only the player having to wait.


Why complain now? well for one thing, its BETA you know? If its possible to make something convenient why not bring it up? and another thing, you should read my original post more thoroughly before making a post, I already made a reason of why I brought this up.


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you should probably read other peoples replies as they too admit doing the same thing, you shouldn't use yourself as the only sample pool, its a pretty flawed and skewed argument.

Well thanks for the pointless insults. I really appreciate it.
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