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  1. Nope I have not typed anything into the search box :/
  2. I don't know if this has been discussed already, if so sorry, but on the through the ages speculation thread (don't know how to link to it) it might just be me but every single time the word "the" comes up, it is highlighted in yellow. I just wanted to know if this was a clue,I'm mad or my computer enjoys combining yellow and "the". Yet again i'm sorry for being a noob or maybe an idiot... EDIT: I've also noticed that it does this to any word in that thread that says "Through" or "The" or "Ages".
  3. So now we'll have to pay $14.99 instead of the initial $4.99 that was announced in the Roadmap to just get Don't Starve Together? Or was that just a typo?
  4. Yay finally another clue thanks So all we need to do is figure it out... ummm... wizard,recovered,we are/mumble,thistle/tune. we are not wizards and we mumble tunes? (I don't know...) the wizards have not recovered but the tune will resume? (possibly meaning Maxwell and charlie aren't OK but the story shall resume)
  5. Umm.. yes... i have slight feeling that Don't Starve isn't going to space... simple problems appear all ready like... How would you build a spaceship out of sticks and grass? Why would you want to go to planets with nothing but rocks on them? ( possibly in case you love rocks and what to fill your world with them) Who would want it? So yeah no space... deal?
  6. yeah that would probably be best. we don't want anyone dying of laughter... Too late.
  7. ummm... ok... well that was informative... maybe this was all a plan to make people think it was over and then say chill repeatedly and then found out all the meanings of chill and then...find out about the word polar as there will be a new dlc called the polar pack? seems legit
  8. I guess it is time to "chill" we have found out all we probably can. So let's wait for the intermission to end. Bring out the gummy bears!
  9. But have we? have we really? I don't think we have really found out much, lots of theories but nothing we can count on we need to carry on digging for clues. don't stop and Don't starve...