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My RoG Rock Lobsters are behaving like Vanilla Beefalos

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To the craziest guys in this forum who decide to intentionally bring rock lobsters to the surface with you, have you ever find this in RoG?

About a week or two ago I posted here about my rock lobsters not spawning. Guess what? Winter comes! And they now start spawning like what I want, yay! It's been like this for 2 winters already and as far as I observe, not a single rock lobster will spawn any time that is not winter.

Might be a good option to hunt beefalos during summer I think. 2 lobsters ganging one beefalo, and then let the beefalo kill those two. I now have 20-50 pieces of meat because of them and I don't know what to do with it. Any meat ideas? :)

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