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DST Feedback 002 things to think about

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I understand that the name "Don't Starve Together" slightly implies co-op but I really REALLY dislike the sanity drain because someone has become a ghost. Sometimes I would like to just make my own little base somewhere else away from the others but to take a high sanity drain because someone loses is a bit of a pain. Even if you two share a base but one constantly dies whether intentional or not and you have to revive them or you take sanity drain takes time out of gathering or hunting you could have done that day and could lead you to dieing of starvation or the grue because you had to go out of your way to revive someone. As a suggestion can you guys please make it an option such as co-op mode you take sanity drain when one dies and a mode where you don't take sanity drain? I am not aware of what wilderness mode or the other one is so if that solves the problem please let me know thanks a bunch.

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Great thanks for the info guys there wasn't much of an explanation when I got into the game because I got into DST rather a bit late but this clears things up a bit, I am really glad Klei has made multiple options of how you want your server to be like.

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