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  1. Sorry too. I just felt like you got annoyed or angry for me posting about a bug when it was just my misunderstanding of the game. I didn't know where to post a question about potential bug and only did it because a mod suggested for me to. But on another note, yes I've tested the game so far and the tides do not come and flood the beach if you set tides to none. Just was confusing since tides flooding the beach, one could safely think the devs meant floods affect tides flooding the beach at night. It's just as I've said, at first glance the pictures in the icons for the setting are confusing and there isnt a description telling players what setting them off or on do. See another thing I dont understand clearly is what happens if you set volcano on or off and what if you set dragoon eggs on or off. I hated meteors in don't starve and always set them to none. I know dragoon eggs act like meteors but if I set volcano on, does that mean if I come across a volcano, it will erupt at some point and meteor shower wherever I am at? There's no descriptions in the settings to tell me exactly what each thing does specifically. Anyway my original issue is resolved, just set tides to none if you dont want tides flooding base on beach at night. Should I delete this post or keep it for others in future who might have same problem?
  2. Okay well I posted this in another category and a mod told me thank you for the report and told me to post it on bug tracker. Also, I had to post this because the settings don't have a description about what setting tides and floods on or off do. I will test the tides settings off to see if tides still come at night. The icons next to the settings are confusing too because the picture for "floods" shows a picture of a palm tree and some water so one can assume it's on the beach and it would be safe to assume it could possibly affect floods from tides since tides come from the beach. The tide icon shows a moon and water, so it was hard to figure out whether it affected just the ocean or the beach since floods had a palm tree picture and tides had a moon. Mainly my big confusion was the fact that the pictures confused me in the icons and they didn't have a small description of what these settings do. You don't have to say pleasure to fix my "bug" and instead just say fix my issue. I never declared it was a bug, I was asking if it was a bug or how the settings affected the game.
  3. Just reposting a post I made but to the right category. If you wish to skip to main question and not care about the backstory, scroll to the bottom part So I've played shipwrecked for quite a while now, and I've not made a base on the beach because of the tides. My personal goal is to always make a base that could theoretically last forever. Self sustainable base if you will. But to make sandbags, you need machetes to get cloth from bamboo...only machetes cost flint, which I think is a non-renewable resource. So another option was that I made a new world and went into the settings and went to the floods setting and changed that to none. I would assume this should make it that there are no natural floods created from the shore (not rain puddles), but yet, there is still flooding from the shore. What exactly is the purpose of setting floods to none before you create your world if floods still appear from the shores at night naturally regardless (not made from rain puddles)? How exactly does this setting work? I would love some clarification and if it is a bug then can we please fix it? Would be really nice if I could make a base on the beach without having to make sandbags constantly. That, or make a gold machete would be nice since gold is renewable and flint is not. Thanks
  4. ohhh there is a compass? that shows north south east west? okay i never build those since it seemed pointless in single player
  5. exactly, but what is a camera angle and rotating the map gonna do when you are trying to find your friends in your own world map that was generated since players will spawn at different locations? having a north south easy west on the map should help you tell which direction you are located to help your friends find you.
  6. I feel that in a situation where everyone spawns at different locations and you are using carrier pigeons to send messages, I feel it is still hard to tell other players where exactly you are. I think maybe adding a north south east west compass to the map might make things more easier as a suggestion?
  7. Oh another suggestion, could you guys make a toggleable option in game to turn on or off "players may attack players" by only the host or those with host privileges? Maybe have it where hosts can have to option to toggle which player can attack other players or not? Having it toggleable will make it so the host can decide whether this is a pvp or coop world with one switch. If you guys decide to make it that one must choose either pvp or coop and that world stays like that forever that is still a good option so peopl joining that world will know whether it is a pvp or coop world
  8. I'm sorry I have no Idea whether to put my suggestion about this topic on this particular thread or another but I really want to have the option of switching on and off whether players appear on the minimap or not. That would be amazing because I like to be sneaky, isolated at times, playing hide and seek, making secret base ect. This would make pvp more interesting because you can choose whether everyone can see other players on the minimap or everyone cannot use the minimap to locate others. My other suggestion is maybe make a chat system where there is a chat history and you can type globally to all players via all chat or type normally so only players within a certain area near you can see what you say. A mute player toggle would be great as well. Maybe add icons in minimap or menu button(the one when you normally pause in single player to exit or change settings etc) or somewhere that will show a list of other players in your world server and you can toggle to mute them, and hosts can kick them etc. And a question, when all players sleep at the same time, will it skip to the next day?
  9. Is there a way to delete saved games and unlocked items and characters without changing into a new computer or rebooting a computer? (As in deleting a file that can give a player the experience of unlocking everything all over again) I want to let new players experience unlocking things on their own instead of having everything already unlocked for them