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This time around I will keep the thread rather short, since my suggestion is pretty straight forward.

I'd like to se a grid system one can simply turn on when placing items on the ground! (Grass, saplings, buildings, farms etc.)

As the days pass in my world, I tend to get more and more home reliant, and of course, I'd like to keep it tidy and proper looking. And this is something I would find rather hard/impossible with the games current state... :)

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I admit it is rather annoying to try and place things in a particular pattern, only to move and see it in a different perspective where everything looks out of place. But, I think it would be difficult to add a grid as there isn't really a uniform size between different objects in the game. Also, would the grid lines run horizontally and vertically across the screen, or diagonally with the edges of the islands?

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Adding grids for object placement was one of my first suggestions ages ago, but yes, as was pointed out the issue is that some placeables vary in size and others have restrictions on how close you can place them to other placed objects. There just seem to be too many factors now to make this idea feasible. We'll just have to live in a world of imperfectly lined resources... :p

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