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  1. Yup, I've experienced this too, not as much as you people though. Yet.
  2. Yea I think so too. But I find it inappropriate for them to yell it at the tallbirds.
  3. I just noticed something rather funny whilst picking eggs in my garden, when I attacked a tallbird as Wilson (I guess this applies to the other characters aswell), he shouts: "Go for the eyes!". I couldn't help to think it's funny how he goes for the Eyes of the tallbird, ehe. That is all. Also, I got reminded by this fella, haha.
  4. This time around I will keep the thread rather short, since my suggestion is pretty straight forward. I'd like to se a grid system one can simply turn on when placing items on the ground! (Grass, saplings, buildings, farms etc.) As the days pass in my world, I tend to get more and more home reliant, and of course, I'd like to keep it tidy and proper looking. And this is something I would find rather hard/impossible with the games current state...
  5. I like the idéa of refined silk to String, since it would make the bow and arrow a higher tier weapon. Since everyone is talking about how acessable this item/s is going to be I'd like to add that when you have your bow set, you probably need a bunch of arrows. And that might not be the fastest and easiest task if it needs feathers or hounds tooth. I'm thinking back in minecraft when you're in a new world, you just got yourself a bow, but no ammo?! Had to pick feathers and dig for flint all over...
  6. Yea I would see it to degrade in some manner. The string is the more realistic one, but if we are to go with the games current flow the entire bow should degrade.
  7. To answer Khrayfish You I agree that some of the materials is a bit easy to obtain, but what items (rarity and accessability) that would be in the recipe is determined on how powerful the bow is. As my first thought it would be a really great ranged weapon capable of some heavy damage over distance, and then yes, a yew tree would be suitable. If the bow however, would take for instance three or four shots against a spider, it may be easier to craft? This can be tweaked by the tier system you presented, and yes, I find the this very suitable "Crow feathers for blowdarts, Red feathers for arrows." To answer Bobsajet I agree on a tier system, although I don't think so many tiers would be in good synch with the rest of the game. Maybe two or three tiers would be enough. Maybe a hunting tier and a combat tier? And obviously the combat tier being the most advanced and hard to get.
  8. Wasn't this pretty much what I was suggesting to in the "Items already presesnt in the game:" section? Except for a bit of a shortening in the recipes
  9. You might find my suggestion dull, but just the generall idéa with squirells in the game would be awesome! Say when you chop down an adult evergreen, a bunch of nuts spill out of the tree along with the ordinary 3 logs and 2 pine cones, a furious squirell also pops out, trying to claw your eyes out because you chopped down his food storage tree!
  10. Hey guys! First off, I'd like to say this to the developers (if they see this thread), Great work on the game so far! I Really fell in love the first time I played the game, and I have been playing it a lot the latest week. Now for the business. Weapons! We all like weapons right? And I'm pretty sure the characters (especially Wilson) would like some new weapons to defend himself against the lurking enemies. My first thought when I heard about this game being all about survival was Bows and Arrows! Not so surprising though since it's a rather common item in survival games. And do please tell me if this idéa or anything similar have been presented before, it wouldn't surprise me to be honest. More to the bow itself, obviously it's going to be crafted with certain items (you don't say?!). It's all up to the devs what it should be made of if they consider to add it in the game, but here's my suggestions. (I'm not going to specify any quantities of the materials since I don't find it very important at this time) Items already presesnt in the game: * Logs - Representing the stock of the bow * Spider silk - Representing the string of the bow * Rope - Alternative for representing the string of the bow * Twigs - Shaft for the arrow * Flint - Point of the arrow * Hounds Tooth - Alternative point of the arrow * Crow or Redbird feather - The feather of the arrow New items that could be added for the purpose of the bow & arrow: (And then of course for other clever purposes aswell) * Sinew - Representing the string - May be acquired from meat dropping creatures or be cooking Meat twice * Bone - Point of the arrow - May be acquired from larger animals This is it for now, obviously this idéa could be widened alot, but since there's no real variations in tools or weapons (except for the gold ones) as of now I'm not going to speak much of it. My idéas would generally to be like Bone bows, Manure shooter, poisoning tips for the arrows, fire arrows (Willow made me present this), grappling arrows (those pesky tallbirds are always trying to peck my eyes out when I'm offering my heart and loving care to thier eggs...), etc etc. All feedback are welcome!