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Unable to get Steam to activate Don't Starve

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Hi everyone,

I've bought Don't Starve some time ago and I wanted to add it to my Steam library but it seems my code has already been used (but I'm sure I've never used it). I searched in my library but couldn't find Don't Starve there either.

Can this be fixed please?


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So the buying process probably wasn't completed. Check you credit card, Steam Wallet or whatever service you used to "pay" for it to confirm that no purchase has been made.

Once you figure that indeed there was some kind of failure in the purchasing process, try it again and everything should be fine.

Unfortunately I'm not a developer nor have the tools necessary to look for such information you asked, but, again, I do believe that the purchase wasn't completed.

Please post more feedback here so we can try and help you and others.

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Is it possible that, since I'm not quite 100% sure if I've bought the game or got it as a gift from a friend, he has the same key? Probably not because it is a different Chrome key I assume?

I'm sending my info using the url you gave me. Thanks.

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