LOL "the murderer"

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So I join a dedicated PvP wilderness server.


I spawn beside another player and there is a lighter on the ground, I pick it up and kill him with fire. He/she didn't have much but they had good loot to get me started, some pigskin and an axe. So I explored a little bit and I find myself a nice base, it seems to be empty, it has a crockpot, firepit, and science & alchemy machine. 


The next day I hunt down a koalaphent with just my lighter, then made some meat stew to last me a few days. The next few days I decided I needed to gear up fast, so I chopped logs, collected grass and twigs etc. and made myself some log armor, football helmet and a spear. During those few days of collecting and crafting I came across more players so I killed them for supplies, I now have a lot of supplies. I also found Chester. 


It is about day 7 now and a bunch of people keep calling me "the murderer" and frequently warn eachother and new players to beware of the murderer. I decide I need a better weapon, so I search the swamps and luckily I find a tentacle spike. So I head back to the base, it is night time and there is 2 players just sitting at my campfire, I kill 1 of them but the other escaped. Now I know I need ranged weapons, I go ahead and make myself a couple boomerangs so I can kill the red birds and make fire darts.


It is about day 15 now and more players and a group of hounds have met the murderer. I do not know that they have a group of 4 teaming up now (these are all players that I killed earlier) and have been building a base nearby mine. Anyways I am in my base just organizing supplies and cooking food and 2 of them come to raid my base, they have hammers and start smashing things, lighting things on fire and picking up my stuff. So I pull out the fire darts and I start shooting them and they flee my base, but they split seperate ways, I chased one down for like a whole day and finally killed him at night time with a torch. That's 1 down.


Now the epic battle. I head back to the base and I go check my rabbit traps and I see their base, I am already geared and prepared to fight so I run in and light their twig farm on fire. I run back into the field and the 3 of them are chasing me, they are all still poorly geared (spears, grass suits and log suits). I still have a tentacle spike, football helmet and log suit. We battle it out in the field 3v1 lots of kiting, everytime I go to attack one of them that person runs away, and 1 of them keeps trying to kill Chester. I get 1 of them down to very low hp and his teammate accidently kills him, so now its 2v1. Lots of kiting back and forth and I killed another one of them, they did some good damage I am about half HP, but the last one stays to fight (he probably thinks im very low hp) but I quickly kill him, I then go to their base and destroy it all and take every useful item that I have room to carry. They quit and exit the server.


It is day 18 now. I am stocked on supplies, I got tons of stuff, and I have rebuilt my base. 


My first day of playing Don't Starve Together has been very epic and fun.

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