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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72941 Issue title Crashing unstable since update Steps to reproduce join a game and play after a few minutes it crashes EVERY time Describe your issue crashing crashing crashing crashing - - - Updated - - - I figured out it is when I harvest a berry bush
  2. Guys, Don't go cooking your seeds they do not heal health anymore from what I see But uncooked seeds do and they heal a fair bit - - - Updated - - - Yes, It would be awesome
  3. I fully do not support this Nor any "mode" I want this to be hard for everyone I don't want to be the "badass" that plays on hard Play it or not
  4. I love your work but you... you. >: (I hate this contradiction *facepalm*
  5. Okay good idea I like iteven though people on here whine about minecraftI still think you should get coal from rocks and be able to make coal torches for placing down on the ground and they would last 50 daysSuck it mc haters lol(I don't even play minecraft anyway)
  6. i like everything but the torch ideaidc about realismI just think it is plain stupid
  7. the point is if you dont have the grass you cannot make torches so the point is this char is aweeeeesome If you have used this character and didn't have supplies to make torches, or a fireplace you get stuck in the dark and she makes fires on the ground If you are in a forest she burns it down lol fun times I hope this becomes multiplayer ^_^