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Buying the Game without a Credit Card.


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Hi BlooYed, I also have Paypal only and wanted to buy the game. I do not have a credit card. What is this Excess system you used to purchase the game?EDIT - Okkk I just saw the user Excess ^^. I thought it was a new way of buying stuff hehe. Anyway I also have the same problem, wanted to purchase the game right now to share it between me and my brother but I do not have a credit card and Google Wallets asks me right of the bat for one. So basically I have to wait at least a year to get one and another 6 months to have it ready to purchase online stuff. Do you think Excess can help me in this matter. Can I deposit him the payment?

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Hi Excess. Thank you for answering. Sorry I do not have Steam yet. I can buy the game from Paypal if you can

Done.That would be the last time I sell keys via PayPal. I would much rather trade a Steam game or give someone else the chance to trade something with those in need. I've spent way too much money on games this week alone.
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So, I got totally ripped off by BlooYed.

I just got notified via Steam that they revoked the gift BlooYed sent me (in exchange for a Don't Starve key) because of payment issues.

I contacted him on Steam telling him this situation and he totally washed his hands of the whole situation and claimed he didn't knew me.

It was a measly $3.45 and I had already completed the game he "gifted" me, I wasn't even going to ask for the money, if he'd just stepped up and acted as a men about it.

Okay problem solved, thanks to Excess i now got a Copy, other question, is theire any german fellow out theire who wants to talk about the Game with me? Or not even German

just some guy ;D add me sirface18 on skype

By the way, his Steam ID is sirface0, so watch out.

Also, this gift was "bought" on September 22, and only now I received the notice that they had issues with payment.

Watch out when trading with things outside of Steam you can't take back.

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Dang it, I had it contained by talking with Xack via PM until you showed up Fu :p

Only 29 games, my problem is that I have a very small monitor :D

But this thread should remain a testament of how you shouldn't trust random people on the internet with anything more that 5 dollars.

That said, I declare this thread closed.

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